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welcome to floey's private life!

this site brings you everything about floey. everything.

who, you ask, is floey? she's my cousin. when my sister tish (age ten, one year younger than me) and i came to visit, floey "welcomed" us to her home by telling us we have invaded her private life and that we should keep our grubby little hands off her private things. nice. so, in return i have created this site. look around! especially, don't miss floey's diary, with entries copied directly from her private journal which she keeps hidden in her sock drawer!


fun floey facts:

birthday: march 15

jean size: 6

shoe size: 8

hobbies: moping, whining, complaining, photography, scribbling in her diary, writing dumb haikus (click to haiku me, baby!)

favorite food: no kidding, i actually saw her eat an entire two-pound tin of peanut butter brownies in one sitting

pets: one ferret (frank sinatra) - actually belongs to Lillian, her sister

big lies: she doesn't want a boyfriend, she didn't search through my luggage on my second day here, she isn't jealous that her friend Azra is a YMCA junior couselor and she isn't

love interests: wen gifford, calvin schmidt, dean eagler, (who can keep track?!)